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Claire and I are the classic tale of modern day love. You know… Girl Instagrams food, other girl Instagrams place, girls laugh at photo similarities, girls meet at cafe to Instagram together, girls fall in mad friendship-love. And they lived happily ever after making flower crowns and going on road trips all the way.

But seriously, for me, it was adore at first sight! Claire has the most amazing way of making you feel completely comfortable from the second you meet her. And this knack clearly translates to her writing and has surely been key to her blogs massive popularity! With the perfect balance of vulnerability and strength, she delves deep into her own ego and thus challenges you to examine your own. She is a champion for following your dreams, living authentically, travelling lots, eating amazing nourishing food (the girl can cook a curry!) and just to let life flow.

I am not sure what forces of the universe spun us into each others orbits but I am extremely grateful to them as my life is better for having her in it. I’m sure after getting to know her you will feel the same!

Meet Claire – the coolest dude around!

Thank you for walking onto this virtual stage! Now if you were walking onstage in real life what tune would you have playing as your theme song?

Ooohh I’m going to have to be corny and say The Beatles ‘All You Need is Love’ and I’m skipping on stage with daisies in my hair, the sun is shining and life is good. Love is all you need baby!

What motivated you to take the first step on your wellness journey?

Being diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis at 17 certainly threw me into the deep end of raw juices, whole foods and the wellness world. Seeing my body heal through natural, holistic therapies changed my life forever. I’m so grateful I had that experience of being so unwell as I value, appreciate and prioritise my health today on a whole new level.

What do you do every morning to set up your day for success?

If I’m honest with you, I don’t always meditate in the mornings. I don’t always exercise, drink warm lemon water or oil pull (although I do most days) but I ALWAYS create a mental gratitude list by thinking of 5 things I am grateful for every single morning before I get out of bed. Being grateful for what we do have shifts our perceptions, attracts more of the good stuff and ensures we don’t start the day with stinky negative thoughts.

There are so many nutritional untruths floating around out there. What is your favourite myth to debunk?

That milk is the best source of calcium. Noo!! Where do you think the cows get their calcium from? Greens people, greens!

How do you handle your dietary non-negotiables when you are invited over or out for dinner?

I’m pretty flexible to be honest. I admire people who won’t eat anything that isn’t organic or prepared in a certain way but unless my friends are serving deep fried mars bars smothered in cheese-in-a-can, I’ll pretty much eat anything. When I’m out for dinner, I stick to lean meats, seafoods, salads and veggies and pass on anything too gluten-y.

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If you had to cook one meal to impress a tough crowd of unhealthy eaters, what would it be?

It’d have to be a slow-cooked (organic, grass fed) lamb roast with warm spinach, pumpkin, beetroot and parsnip salad. Particuarly in the cooler weather right now! In Summer I’d probably whip up a coconut-crusted salmon fillet on a bed of mango, celery and cucumber salsa. I’d finish both meals off with this slice.

Do you have any natural products/alternative therapies that you cannot live without?

Apple cider vinegar for the win! Raw, organic, unpasteurized of course. This stuff does wonders for my digestive system, either diluted in warm water in the mornings or a cap or two before meals. You can also use it as a yummy salad dressing, a toner for your skin, hair rinse or even as deodorant.

How do you ‘zen-ify’ your home?

Candles, open windows, fresh air, natural light and crystals. And regular de-cluttering.

What is your favourite imperfection about yourself and why?

My sweet tooth! Because I freaking love making raw chocolate treats, chia puddings, bliss balls and slices like this one.

What is one question that everyone should ask themselves?

What do I LOVE to do?

What is the most important decision you make to ensure you are a conscious consumer?

It totally depends on what I am consuming. However, I really try to refrain from accumulating ‘stuff’ and I think it is ultra important to shop locally and avoid the big chain supermarkets as much as humanly possible.

Pretend this is your mountain… what message do you shout to the world?

Beautiful people, life is there to be enjoyed, not endured! So clear the crap, uncover your inner strengths, pursue your passions, do whatever the hell makes you happy, be weird, be grateful, love yourself and never stop giving back.

Don’t you just want to nip her? If you want more of Claire find her here

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClaire Baker is a life-loving holistic health coach with a permanent travel bug and zeal for true happiness and healing. Addicted to living authentically with gutsy passion and purpose and helping others to do the same, she digs peppermint tea, medjool dates, a good belly laugh and wearing yoga pants all day.

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