Wellness Women We Love: Therese Kerr – KORA Organics

Therese EH ambassador

When you hear the words ‘Kerr’ and ‘KORA’ together your mind probably jumps straight to images of radiant health, organic living and (in the words of Zoolander) really, really ridiculously good-looking people. And whether you are talking about the face and Owner of KORA – Supermodel Miranda Kerr – or her mother and Former General Manager of the company, Therese, you would be correct.

Therese was given a life-or-death ultimatum that forced her to evaluate the everyday decisions in her life and change path to a life focused on nutrition and wellness. Therese now lives a spiritual existence that is deeply rooted in positive psychology, organic produce and connection with nature. Her enthusiasm for spreading the good word is contagious and inspiring and I am sure her upcoming literary debut will be testament to that. Her website www.theresekerr.com is a daily dose of clean-living for the body, mind and soul.

I am beyond delighted to present the utterly gorgeous Therese Kerr…

Thank you for walking onto this virtual stage! Now if you were walking onstage in real life what tune would you have playing as your theme song?

Hmmm…. Brendan James:  “All I can see”. I love this song, it starts with: “I want to walk through this doorway, I want to open my mind, I want to pledge my allegiance to all I can find, I want a car that will crash through the barriers to a road no-one knows, I want to feel less controlled, want to bend and I want to land far from home………”

It goes on to say: …… “So if I cannot learn to journey and return, to never rest til I see all I can see…..

I want to learn a completely new language, one I don’t understand,  I want to help someone lost, someone helpless, with the strength of my hand (that’s my favourite bit) …. And feel their hope in my tears

What motivated you to take the first step on your wellness journey?

The turning point in my life was when I lost my spleen due to tumours. I always thought I was healthy but I never truly understood the impact of applying chemical-laden products to my skin or eating non-certified or market-fresh produce. I also never truly understood the impact of stress or suppressed emotions on the human body – I now do. Having tumours in my spleen inspired me to truly look at my  life in every aspect, to question my life in the fullest detail, to look at why I behaved in the manner I did (pain in the neck over-rated achiever) and to transform so many areas of my life. Things happen to us in our past and I share a lot of my story in my new soon-to-be-released book “Live, loving you – living from the heart”.

The challenge is that we make those things “mean” something about us. As human beings, we are “meaning making machines” and unfortunately we live into the story we create and our story becomes our reality and most of the time the “story” is so just that “a story”.  My mum died when I was 17 and pregnant with Miranda. When mum died I created a “story” that firstly because I fell pregnant in the first place I was an embarrassment to her and secondly that I would prove to her that I could be anything she had hoped I could be. Basically, when mum died all I wanted was to make her proud of me.  So for twenty odd years, I worked my backside off, always striving to be the best I could be with an attitude that I could do anything but I never understood, until I did a lot of work on myself, why I was so driven. You see, the story became my reality. The truth is mum died and she would have been proud of me anyway.

I have done so much work on myself over the past twelve to thirteen years.  I am not the same person I was and I will continue to evolve in every minute to hopefully always be a better version of me.  I have true power in my life over my past, I have a calm and a peace within me that I never thought was possible, even when difficult things happen, I am still at peace and know that it is all part of the bigger picture of my life and whatever happens, happens because there is a lesson to be learned and an opportunity for growth on a persona level.

I am blessed to live a life I love, because I choose to live a life I love and create my “being” every day.  After all, we are human beings, not human doings and by choosing our “being” we get to say how life goes moment by moment and that is such a blessing.

Further, health happens by choice, not by accident. We cannot live in today’s society and expect health to fall in our lap, that won’t happen. With the highly refined, highly processed, high sugar-content foods that most people fill their body with, and that coupled with the amount of chemicals, preservatives, colourings, etc that traditional food and personal care products contain, our bodies are basically working over time just to survive, let alone prosper. Just about everyone’s liver is so taxed at trying to rid their body of toxins that it can’t perform vital roles like breaking down fat and chemicals, toxins etc in our body effect all of our organs and every part of us.

Personally, I want to be around for a long time, but I only want to be around for a long time if I am healthy and enjoying life. I am 48, my mum died of a heart attack as a result of over work, stress and possibly genetics at the age of 50. I want to be around and be vibrant, lit up and alive by life. I have been told that our cells have the ability to live to an average age of 122, yet how many people live anywhere near that?

Simply “choosing health” even when you have a super active, busy life is the answer. I am committed to my health (mind, body and spirit) and I am further committed to continually gaining and then sharing knowledge – the purpose of my website is to do just that – share information such that people can take from the information, anything that serves, leave behind what doesn’t and in the process, hopefully, leave with the ability to at least make informed choices for their own personal health and the health of their family.  I intend to be a vibrant, spontaneous great great grandmother.

What do you do every morning to set up your day for success?

Give my husband a kiss, and my dog a cuddle

Meditate for anywhere between 20- 50 mins depending on my day

Post my instagram affirmation or positive post to the world.

Complete my gratitude journal and thank the universe for everything

Make a “Juic-thie” (a combination between a juice and a smoothie – my own made up name – recipe is on www.theresekerr.com)

There are so many nutritional untruths floating around out there. What is your favourite myth to debunk?

That’s easy:  “There is no difference between certified organic fruit, vegetables, foods and products compared to general products” – crazy!!! There is a huge difference and the only way to know is to change over and discover this for yourself.

It is said that the average woman applies between 200-500 chemicals a day to her skin and we wonder why we have hormone and health problems. What we put on our skin, soaks in so don’t put on your skin what you would not put in your body – consume only certified organic food and apply only certified organic products to your body, it is really that simple.  Take a look at Dr Libby Weaver’s posts on my website for the impact of chemicals in skin and personal care products on the reproductive organs.

How do you handle your dietary non-negotiables when you are invited over or out for dinner? 

Like Miranda, I believe in the 80/20 rule but in saying that anyone who invites me to dinner knows me well enough, (or I make sure they do) to know that I prefer to eat only certified organic foods when possible.

If you had to cook one meal to impress a tough crowd of unhealthy eaters, what would it be? 

Well, most unhealthy eaters love sugar and sugar is so addictive – the more you have, the more your body craves so the sooner you can get away from sugar, the better.  I would make “Jen’s scrumptious Pear Cake” (from my co-authored book: Lunchbox Solutions which can be found here – that is the full interactive I-pad version, there are other version, I.e. A light interactive version without the videos or there is a pdf version that can be opened on a computer if you don’t have an iPad. It is  interesting to note that some of our chapters are #1 downloaded worldwide on iTunes in various categories which is very exciting and we have been receiving constant wonderful testimonials from people using and loving our book – so simple and so user friendly).


Do you have any natural products/alternative therapies that you cannot live without? 


1)             Coconut Oil – it is a MCA (medium chain fatty acid and converts to energy in the body as opposed to converting to fat, reportedly assists with prevention of Alzheimer’s, boost the metabolism, is great for purging – I.e. Removing toxins from the mouth, is the only safe oil to use when cooking as it has a high heat tolerance… and the list goes on)

2)            KORA Organics Certified Organic skincare – it is amazing and as the ex General Manager of KORA Organics I saw so many great testimonials with our products. KORA is only skincare, but I am bringing out my own range of Certified Organic Haircare and personal care products soon. The product range will consist of the following:

  • Shampoo, Conditioner and Certified Organic Argan Oil Blend
  • Deodorant
  • Tooth Mousse
  • Moisturising Hand Soap
  • Moisturising Hand Lotion
  • Sanitising Hand Gel (Hand Sanitiser)

How do you ‘zen-ify’ your home?

Every morning I “play” my Tibetan singing bowl and carry the intent for the new day from my mediation and create the energy for my home.

I light incense on the odd occasion and sometimes burn sage to clear any energy.  I have my blinds up so as to let natural light in and I play music a lot of the time. I personally very rarely watch TV so that energy is not in the house at all until sometimes in the evening when my husband comes home from work and watches the same.

TK post

What is your favourite imperfection about yourself and why?

I have several keyhole scars on my belly where I had to have my spleen removed. These scars remind me of the journey I have undergone from having first had tumours to now. Having had tumours in my spleen was a blessing to my life. I would not be who I am but for that experience and I would not have made health my life if that had not happened. I am so fit and healthy now, I honestly feel like I am 20 years young! I recently did an Ayurvedic Retreat at Sukhavati Retreat and Spa in Bali (one of the most amazing experiences of my life – the treatments were world class and the Balinese people have a grace, in my opinion, that is unmatched by any other culture) and the Ayurvedic Doctor could not believe that my Dosha’s were perfectly in balance and my pulse was perfect – so I must be doing something right.  Stay tuned as I am bringing out health and wellness programs to share everything I do in relation to wellness with the world.

What is one question that everyone should ask themselves?

What is my health worth to me?

You see, I believe everyone and I mean everyone should use certified organic products on their skin and use certified organic personal care products and should also eat certified organic food.  I also believe people eat far too much and we recommend buying your certified organic produce from a farmers market and eating less  don’t eat until you are over full, that is a mistake we make, eat until you feel just comfortable (note: all of the farmers markets in Australia are shown on my website under “Wellness Directory” http://theresekerr.com/market-directory/ )

If you swap to certified organic I believe you will reap the rewards and your body will thank you, I see it every day

What is the most important decision you make to ensure you are a conscious consumer?

Buying certified organic. Certified Organic not only benefits you, it also benefits the planet. I buy certified organic for two reasons:

  1. healthier for my body
  2. Certified Organic products including skincare and personal care products, fruit, vege’s etc are free from pesticides, insecticides, TEA’s, DEA’s, Glycols, Parabens, Synthetic and Artificial ingredients, Sulfates, Ethoxylates, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde derivatives – just to name a few/

Don’t be fooled into thinking “Organic” is the same as “Certified Organic” – there is a huge misrepresentation around the world in relation to the use of the word “Organic”. Only Certified Organic products are the ones that don’t contain all of the nasties. Certified Organic has to contain the wording” “Certified Organic” and have to have the name of the certifying body somewhere on the packaging plus in most cases the logo of the certifying body.  Do your research and know that companies can say a product “Contains” Certified Organic ingredients or can say: “Containing Certified Organic Ingredients” but the product, because it is not certified will more likely than not still contain chemicals – the only real exception being if the company hasn’t been able to afford to certify their products, but if that happens, who is the governing body ensuring what the company is saying is correct? There is a big difference between “Organic” and Certified Organic and we only recommend “Certified Organic”, not just “Organic” and/or “Natural ingredients”.

Pretend this is your mountain… what message do you shout to the world?

Let your little light shine. Stop trying to be everything you think other people want you to be and just be the magic of you.  You are a unique and incredible gift to the world, go out and be just that. Let go of limiting beliefs (they aren’t real anyway) and go make a difference to the world.

http://ThereseKerr.com/utopia-womens-wellness-event/  Jessica Ainscough Ashy Bines and Tara Diversi.

Can’t get enough of Therese? Of course not! Find her here…

Twitter: @Therese_Kerr
Instagram: @theresekerr

Highlights from my Sanctuary

Last week I decided I needed some R&R… and sometimes the one thing you need to truly relax is to be near your family. So I (largely) switched off from the social media world, got on me wellies and headed to my parents beautiful hobby farm for a mini-holiday. Here are some highlights!

This is my parents cottage. It is in a very small town in South West Australia called Boyup Brook. It is made of granite and is encased in vines which change from green to red throughout the year. Staring out the windows is always magic.


The perfect reading chair!

The perfect reading chair!

Every morning started like this…


The wonder in Lucy’s eyes when I would part the curtain and reveal this leafy world with crazy guinea fowl running around, was amazing.

Then we would go and get breakfast…

From my Instagram profile - @oliveonblonde

From my Instagram profile – @oliveonblonde

Mum and Dad truly love their animals and have unintentionally created their own farm sanctuary. Every sheep and goat that they have on their farm was rescued by them; from the countless lambs that were found alone and shivering to death in a paddock to the ‘dud’ goat that they bought after seeing it chained, unwanted and about 2 days away from a stove top. They now have a hilarious and mismatched collection of 6 goats, 13 alpacas and about 30 sheep – each has a name and most come when they are called. Here is a photo from 3 years ago… the start of their mad family. All but one of these sheepy’s is still around and Dufus is the leader of the flock.


What happened when I took Lucy to introduce her to the them all is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. I walked into the paddock and sat on top of the hill looking down on all the goats and sheep. They turned and looked at me and then from every direction started walking towards us – such a funny sight to see over 30 animals all making an executive decision to come say hello. Then when they arrived they almost lined up and took turns coming up and very gently sniffing on Lucy’s face and mouthing her nose. She could not stop giggling and they had no problems at all with her reaching out and running her hands over their wool. It was amazing. Later when I told mum about it she said that that is what they do when they are introducing a new lamb into their flock. Heart officially melted.

What a funny face

What a funny face

These are not pictures of that exact experience, but they reacted much the same. Especially my darling Charlie who is everyone’s favourite sheep. My dad cannot count the number of times that he has been gardening or fixing a fence and felt something fuzzy on his face to find Charlie giving him smooches. He will happily sit with you for hours asking for a face tickle.

IMG_5340 IMG_5339 IMG_5336 IMG_5333 IMG_5346 Picture2 Picture1 IMG_5360 IMG_5349

This is Sherman.


He is the ‘dud’ I mentioned before. He has mixed up man bits and is technically known as a Cryptorchid. Basically – commercially speaking – he is useless. He is lucky he met mum and dad who scooped him up for a life of wandering paddocks.  He is also without a doubt the strangest animal I have ever met. He is slightly vacant but is also really funny. He has bulbous eyes that aren’t a regular characteristic of his breed. His horns grow like a mohawk down the centre of his head. And he stinks. He stinks to high heaven. Lucy and I were sitting alone in a paddock and all of a sudden this ungodly stench punched me in the nose. I was looking around to try and figure out what was causing this smell which is when I spied Sherman plodding across the paddock to say hello. Strange, lovely, stinky little man.

And here are some of the other cheeky buggers…

Lady Fallon

Lady Fallon

Springer... a spoilt but delightful lad!

Springer… a spoilt but delightful lad!

Fallon welcoming Lucy Goosey

Fallon welcoming Lucy Goosey

A very self-satisfied Stompy

A very self-satisfied Stompy

Gorgeous Elsabee

Gorgeous Elsabee

Photo-bombing goat…


Allen being cheeky!

Allen being cheeky!

And of course no trip would be complete without the disobedient little arsehole…


My parents are amazing. My mum is a feeder. If anything is wrong in life the solution starts with a meal… the bigger, the better. So when I asked for a very light, very small plant-based meal I couldn’t help but laugh when she produced this…


You may not be able to tell from the photo … that veggies stacked weighed about 4 kilos! It was absolutely delicious even though I could barely finish a quarter of it.

I also found this little book in my Dad’s bookshelves.


Made my heart burst a bit when I remember how nervous he was before giving the speech at my wedding. What cute little muffins they are.

I came back feeling loved, rested and content. Must be true that home is where the heart is.

Where is your special place?

Pics from Less Is More Festival 2013

Back in February I was a presenter at what is fast becoming a stalwart of the Perth Sustainable Calendar: the Less Is More Festival. I ended last years (see the round-up here) and had no idea that a year later I would be asked to give a talk at the next one – to say I was flattered is an understatement. My topic of choice was indeed topical given the recent events of my life; Eco Babies! The presentation was an hour long and was chock-a-clock full of information and links so instead of creating one gigantic blog article I am going to post them over the next few weeks… I spoke about a whole range of things from nappies, to designing your nursery, homemade baby products and toys.

For now though I will just share some snapshots of the day. It was really amazing… such a fun variety of workshops and activities all focused around the idea that less can be more. Less waste, more fun. Less shallow, more fulfilling. Less materialistic, more creative. The way it should be.

The gorgeous setting - The Grove library in Peppermint Grove.

The gorgeous setting – The Grove library in Peppermint Grove.

Right this way.

Right this way.

Beautifully apt quote to have in front of the library.

Beautifully apt quote to have in front of the library.

What a fun schedule of workshops!

What a fun schedule of workshops!

Me with my tables of goodies!

Me with my tables of goodies!

Talking about the moment I lost my head and bought some useless baby merch... a shower cap. What all babies need right?

Talking about the moment I lost my head and bought some useless baby merch… a shower cap. What all babies need right?

Talking with some of the people afterwards... showing my DIY products.

Talking with some of the people afterwards… showing my DIY products.

A mending station was set up, where people could mend and sew to their hearts content!

A mending station was set up, where people could mend and sew to their hearts content!

Great old sewing machine

Great old sewing machine

We need to replace Spending with Mending!

We need to replace Spending with Mending!

Funky old upcycled jeans

Funky old upcycled jeans

There was also a movie lounge screening eco documentaries. Love these denim jean bean bags!

There was also a movie lounge screening eco documentaries. Love these denim jean bean bags!

REALLY cool junk mail art by local artist Rob

REALLY cool junk mail art by local artist Rob

More cool art and sculptures!

More cool art and sculptures!

The busy foyer.

The busy foyer.

Info about Living Smart

Info about Living Smart

The main mode of transport for the day. Love that even the bike has been yarn bombed!

The main mode of transport for the day. Love that even the bike has been yarn bombed!

And ended the day with a big ol' love heart leaf. Doesn't get better than that! :)

And ended the day with a big ol’ love heart leaf. Doesn’t get better than that! :)

















Less IS More


Well tomorrow is finally the day… The Less Is More Festival is back! A celebration of anti-consumerism!!!

It is an incredible day run by the Western Earth Carers which involves hands on DIY workshops that will show you how to buy less and live better! It is family friendly and of course in the spirit of anti-consumerism… is completely free.

I will be there running two workshops on Eco Babies (they run at 10am and 12pm) and there are so many more amazing workshops…

  • Make your own natural soap, toothpaste and deodorant (bring jars if you can!)
  • Fix your bike
  • Declutter your life
  • Live plastic free (with the amazing Simone)
  • Eat raw food (with one of my favorite Perth wellness goddesses A Foodly Affair)
  • Grow a native garden
  • Keep chooks and bees
  • Mosaic making
  • Make your own ginger beer, yogurt, preserves and sourdough

View the schedule here of the entire day here.

Saturday 16 February, 2013 from 9:30am until 5:00pm
The Grove Library, 1 Leake St, Peppermint Grove, WA 6011
If you decide to come along beware that parking will be very limited. BUT the good news is, the library and community centre have ample bike racks and lockers, and excellent public transport links! (See Public Transport Links here)
Would love to see you all there!

Hello 2013!!!


Hello Beautiful People!!! I’m back and it’s 2013 – how futuristic! Being January and all I figured that it was time we talk resolutions but before looking at those I’d like to mention the inspirations I’ve drawn upon before making mine. But to do that we need to hop into our Delorean and salute last year…

Bon Voyage 2012!

Exhibit A.

On the 21st December the Mayan long count calendar ticked over and the much-dreaded apocalypse didn’t cause so much as a ripple. And without the threat of earthquakes or freaky unknown planets the Mayan calendar has been largely forgotten. And I probably would have forgotten it too had I not read what the actual meaning is. Carlos Barrios from the World Council of Mayan Elders explains…

 “This is not a time of apocalypse. It is a time to let go of old patterns. A time to heal the planet. The Mayans do not want people to believe this is the end of the world. They want people to take this very rare opportunity to come together to find balance and work to heal the damage we have done to Mother Earth”

How gorgeous is that? And why the hell did we all jump to the conclusion that led to mass carnage rather than enlightenment?

Exhibit B (E-A-UUUTIFUL)

Last year also brought the best gift I could ever imagine: our beautiful daughter Lucy Madeline arrived in our arms. Here is a picture of her first minute in the world…

Welcome to the world.

Welcome to the world.

For those playing at home… there’s the reason I haven’t blogged in a while! On my Facebook page (follow me here) I was teased for announcing a 2 week break from blogging ‘while getting this whole parenting thing down’. How wrong I was!

It has been such a wonderful and tiring and messy and funny time not to mention bloody emotional! For example I daily often find myself getting a bit teary when the overwhelming enormity of being a mum washes over me. The thought that I have this entire life in my hands and that it’s my job to teach her how to make the best decisions. How to not only get the most from life but also how to give the most! It’s a good sort of pressure though. The pressure that molds you into a much bigger and better person than you thought you could be.  Anyway, I will stop being drippy and try to focus my sleep deprived mind back on resolutions! But before moving on, here’s one more picture of my gorgeous little Goose…



Be Positive.  

Both those 2012 experiences got me thinking. Life is short and precious. I want to spend as much time celebrating it rather than complaining about this or worrying about that. I have far too much good in my life to be anything but absolutely off-the-charts chipper. I feel in the past few years I’ve lost a bit of my spark… getting it back is my primary goal this year. Passing that happiness onto Lucy is my resolution for every year after that.

I will be saying this mantra every morning!

I will be saying this mantra every morning!

My Resolutions

I love me a good list but that aside, making resolutions was particularly fun this year with addition of Lucy. She put a gorgeous perspective on everything and all of a sudden the standard “Lose 5kgs” just didn’t cut it! I won’t bore you with all of them but here are a few of my resolutions for this year…

My Lifestyle Transformation

For anyone who has read this blog before, you may have picked up on my mini (okay… major) girl crush on Jess Ainscough aka The Wellness Warrior (cancer surviving, health goddess). She has developed a cult like following of people wanting to emulate her ridiculously clear complexion and positive attitude and hence designed The Lifestyle Transformation Guide (read about it here) telling people exactly how to achieve it!

Back in December I was lucky enough to win one of these health scholarships and I am already feeling better for it. So a major resolution for me is to complete this course and reach my goal by my 27th birthday – April 13! I can’t wait to blog about it… hopefully the proof will be in the organic chia pudding!

I can't wait to pass all my good habits onto Lucy!

I can’t wait to pass all my good habits onto Lucy!
*illustration by Olive on Blonde*

The Blog

I get so much damn enjoyment out of this blog! I can’t tell you how many wonderful people I have met through it – be they readers or fellow bloggers within the online community. Not to mention amazing opportunities. For example, last year I was on a local radio station discussing my plastic free adventures (see that here) and this year I have been asked to run some workshops on raising Eco Babies at the Less Is More Festival (here is my write up of last years!). I love it and I am more inspired than ever to continue with it. I am dreaming big and will hopefully have some big surprises to announce before the year is out!

**If you want to attend the 2013 Less Is More Festival on February 16th, see the Facebook page here for details. 


Gratitude Jar

As I mentioned before… I am far too lucky to have days where I feel miserable. Enter: The Gratitude Jar. Each of my family members has a jar in the house and every day we are going to write down something that we are grateful for and store it in our jar (obviously we will have to write little Lucy’s notes for her until she is old enough). Additionally, if we see something particularly beautiful or funny that we want to remember… that goes in the jar too. By the end of the year we will have a time capsule of beautiful memories and the fodder for a pretty epic craft project. I am thinking along the lines of this Sustainabilitree from the Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta

People wrote there green dreams on recycled card before pinning them to the Sustainabilitree!

People wrote there green dreams on recycled card before pinning them to the Sustainabilitree!

Turn off the negativity… literally.

News bulletins and websites exhaust me with information that I have absolutely no use for. It fills precious space in my storage-challenged brain which would be much better served with stories of love and kindness. So a simple solution. I got rid of our TV. I have also banned myself from looking at any news websites. I won’t be ignorant… just selective. If I want information I will search for it, rather than being bombarded with things I don’t need to hear. I am sure any major news that I need will find it’s way to me. And if all else fails Mum and Dad will always keep me up to date on any matters of global significance. For example… if it wasn’t for them I would never have heard about this…

Bet this chimp has the best eyesight!!!

Bet this chimp has the best eyesight!!!

Lets be frank… we are all better for having seen that cheeky chimp stealing all his friends carrots? Au Revoir news… I shant miss you.

How about you?

What are some of your goals this year? How are you going to achieve them? I’d love to hear them in the comments.


Perfect Summer Gingernade

Happy Last Day Of Winter!!! Summer is officially on its way which in Australia means some serious sun. Last weekend it actually peeked it’s head out of the clouds (just to let us know it was on its way!) and I made sure I took full advantage of it. I spent the day reclining on some awesome secondhand day beds we recently found and feasted on an amazing Vegan Platter (see that recipe here). The only thing that would have topped it off was some wine. But alas, I am pregnant, so instead I tried to make a drink so toe-tappingly tantalizing that I wouldn’t even miss the sweet grape nectar of the gods. I think I succeeded! Here is the recipe to my Perfect Summer Gingernade…


  • 1/3 Cup Ginger, roughly chopped
  • 1/4 Cup of Raw Honey or Agave Nectar
  • 1/2 Cup Mint, finely chopped
  • 2 x Lemons
  • Water (approx 4 Cups)
  • Iceblocks, slices of citrus and some leftover mint to serve


Put ginger, mint and honey/agave into a bowl or a container with a lid on it.

Pour 2 Cups of boiling water onto mixture and gently stir.

Let it steep (cover the bowl) for at least 30 minutes. I let mine steep over night so it was especially gingery!

Strain the liquid and refrigerate until you are ready to use.

When you are ready to serve, pour the liquid into a jug. Squeeze the juice of both your lemons into the liquid – I like my flavours bitey and strong though so maybe start with one and see how you like it! Then top up with 2 Cups of water to dilute the lemonade.

Serve with ice blocks, finely chopped mint and slices of citrus fruit! When I am allowed to enjoy alcohol again I am going to add sliced cucumber and Pimms for a really English affair. ENJOY!