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The job title you will find in Lynn’s email signature is “Professional Life Lover”.

And love life she does! Hailing from Melbourne, this strawberry blonde mega-babe spends her days travelling the globe as the host of PokerNews.com. You think you’ve collected some passport stamps in your time? In the past four years Lynn has visited an impressive 27 countries and 128 cities within them. Nothing will make your feet itchier than trawling through Lynn’s amazing blog and reading about her adventures through Australasia, Europe and the America’s.  And it is within these nomadic posts that you’ll also discover  that Lynn’s heart is as gold as the sparkly outfits she dons in the Poker Room. This post (click here) about Lynn meeting her sponsor child, Bret, in the Philippines had me in floods of tears! And it doesn’t stop at people – it was actually our shared love of animals that first saw Lynn and I find each other. She adores them. Heart of solid gold.

So, you would think that travelling the world as a popular host would be busy enough, but Lynn’s drive to squeeze every inch of awesome out of her life see’s her jam-packing even more into it! While studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition she has managed to meld her passion for wellness and travel into her Video Series Stay Stacked focusing on wellness for Poker Players (though the tips can be applied to any health-conscious people). She also hosts the hilarious Pretty Broad podcast series with two of her soul sisters. Feeling puffed yet?  

Basically, Lynn unintentionally forces you to reevaluate your life. Whenever I see her Instagram or read her blog I feel an urgency to make sure I am getting everything I can out of every minute. She absolutely decimates the notion that you have to choose “life” or a successful career.  She is the poster-girl for dreaming big and crazy. She is seriously inspiring and I am beyond excited to present one of my wellness heroes to you today. Everybody! Lynn Gilmartin: Professional Life Lover. 


Thank you for walking onto this virtual stage! Now if you were walking onstage in real life what tune would you have playing as your theme song?

Thank you SO much for having me!!

Absolutely anything by Michael Jackson – dancing makes me feel so alive, and there is no music that makes me want to move more than his beats. He was, and still is, an amazing inspiration to millions.

What motivated you to take the first step on your wellness journey?

I am blessed to have incredible parents who have taught me so much about life since I was a child. They’re both so motivated with lots of interests, and love to do what they love – my mum is a make-up artist and an astrologer, while my dad is tradie and plays the bongos in a folk band. He even has certificates in reiki and reflexology. Since a teenager, my nickname has been “LG: Life’s Good”, which I adopted as my motto and always lived by it, so the journey has always been there for me in some form. There have been some major lessons throughout my life as we’ve all had, but the real turning point was exactly on year ago, where I just had a click – I saw how negative my thoughts were and I decided to look at things differently. I was then able to see that I had literally been creating the life that I always wanted, yet I just kept looking for more “things” to make me happy, not even seeing that I already had everything I needed. That perspective changed everything… I began to fall completely in love with me.

What do you do every morning to set up your day for success?

I will always take those first few minutes as soon as I wake up to check in with myself and see how I’m feeling. It takes me a while to get ready for work, so I always give myself enough time to do it slowly, which allows me to listen to talks by some of my favourite authors. This is a habit I adopted from my mother – I grew up listening to the mumble of talks from her bathroom, and still do hear it when I’m home!

There are so many nutritional untruths floating around out there. What is your favourite myth to debunk?

I love debunking the idea that you need dairy! Oh I get such a kick out of seeing peoples faces when they realize how brainwashed they had been for so many years. It’s like they just walked into a twilight zone.

How do you handle your dietary non-negotiables when you are invited over or out for dinner?

I’m not strict on myself. I’m lucky to not have any dietary intolerance’s  so for me, I believe anything is fine in moderation. I’m constantly crowding myself with beautiful, nutritious food that I hardly leave any room for the “bad stuff”, but I don’t really look at much as non-negotiable (except for meat on the most-part). I still allow myself to eat whatever I want. This is why I don’t use labels – I don’t call myself a vegetarian or vegan. When people ask, I just say that I don’t eat meat. That is what made the transition unbelievably easy. I didn’t attach any pressure of rules, I just made a simple decision to try replace something with something else, and it all snowballed from there – I haven’t eaten meat in almost a year now, and it has been effortless.

If I knew the meat came from a humane source, then maybe I would try that meal, however, I still haven’t done this because I’ve never really felt the want to, as there’s always a delicious alternative. I’m also big in leading by example and showing how easy my choices are. When I first cut out meat, my friends would make a big deal out of choosing a restaurant that caters for me, when that’s the last thing I’ve ever wanted. If I had to, I’m more than happy to just casually pluck the meat out of the meal and enjoy the rest of it, or load up on the side dishes.

So because of this, my transition has been nothing but exciting and enjoyable. I never feel restricted; I just adore showering my deserving body with love!

 If you had to cook one meal to impress a tough crowd of unhealthy eaters, what would it be?

I once whipped up a delicious thick shake with avocado, spinach, almond milk, raw cocao, maca and some berries and banana for 10 friends. I didn’t tell anyone what was in it until they had all tried (and loved!) it. I asked them all to guess what I had thickened it with and no one came close. When they heard it was avocado they nearly fell off their chairs – a combination they had never heard of. I find that so much fun!


Do you have any natural products/alternative therapies that you cannot live without?

Osteopathic treatments are a must for me – especially after a long flight. I can really feel the relief and the free-flow of energy after getting adjusted back into alignment.

How do you ‘zen-ify’ your home?

My home is usually a hotel room, so I like to pay extra attention to adding the zen!

always pack an all-natural, soy wax candle, and I have a small Himalayan rock salt candle as well, which emits negative ions to help freshen the air and counteract all the wifi and devices (my boyfriend and I are Apple addicts).

I also carry an aromatherapy spray to spritz around the room. At the moment I have a blend for purification – but I only know that because the bottle says it! Next on my list is to learn more about aromatherapy.

As soon as I check-in to a hotel, I will instantly unpack my suitcase and hang my clothes (I travel with my own light hangers, as there’s never enough – this helps with the uncluttering). It only takes about 15 minutes, and if you don’t do it as soon as you arrive, then you never will, and will end up spending a week living out of the explosion of clothes on the floor on top of your case – and there’s nothing zen about that!

What is your favourite imperfection about yourself and why?

I can get cranky as all-hell sometimes, and it serves as the perfect contrast to remind me what I choose not to be.  Of course I still allow it, as the crankiness is there for a reason and I need to discharge the emotion, but then I get another reminder about how much I’ve changed. It’s no longer about the person or event that is pissing me off. Instead, I check in with myself to ask, “what is this reflection showing me”? It’s all about my own stuff, it has nothing to do with what is happening, and that’s such an easier way to handle any situation. It’s a fun place to be rather than carrying around blame and judgment all the time.

What is one question that everyone should ask themselves?

How do I feel?”

I ask myself this constantly. From the moment I wake up, to when I go to bed. It’s so easy to forget about yourself completely and be too externally focused. Now, I’m always checking in with myself and it feels just as good as hearing “I love you” from the person you love, because that’s exactly what you’re doing to yourself. Giving that little girl inside (as my mum puts it) the attention that she deserves, then removes your need to seek it outside of you, which will never be as fulfilling anyway. Quit the wild goose chase – you’ve got everything you need inside there!

What is the most important decision you make to ensure you are a conscious consumer?

I stopped eating meat last year as my vote against factory farming of animals. It’s a disgrace, and one of the worst kept secrets in this world.

Pretend this is your mountain… what message do you shout to the world?


Goodness gracious – wasn’t that girl inspiring!!! What was your favorite part of the interview? I’d love to hear from you in the comments…