My experience at BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association)

Wonder if Julia Roberts will star in this sequel?

I was reluctant to visit BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) and my husband shared the sentiment – but I am so glad I went. My friends and family were worried that I would be too affected by the awful state that the dogs were bound to be in and didn’t want me to ruin my holiday. A valid concern but I am not one for closing my eyes and I wanted to see how the sanctuary operated. I often volunteer at dog shelters in Perth and if anything it would be an eye opener. Continue reading

The Dogs of Bali

I am not sure what it is about dogs but they have my heart and I feel forever changed after meeting some of the Bali dogs. Once the ‘Island of the Gods’ Bali has been unofficially renamed ‘Island of the Dogs’ and with a human population of four million and a canine population of 600,000 (some estimate one million) it is clear to see why. So why are the dogs of Bali such a massive problem? And is there any hope for these broken souls that guard the temples, get shipped off to Java for food and wander the busy streets?

Street dogs of Ubud

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