Wellness Women We Love: Donna McLaurin – MicrOrganics Green Nutritionals



Donna is one of those people that as soon as you meet you want to cuddle!

After a little bit of online chatter beforehand I was lucky enough to meet her face to face and share a raw dinner at the David Wolfe tour  (read all about that here) which her wildly successful company MicrOrganics Green Nutritionals was sponsoring. Impossibly warm and kind Donna exudes so much enthusiasm for wellness that it is completely contagious. The fact that she still looked so damn cheery and bright-eyed after a massive National tour with Mr Avocado himself is testament to her health-built resilience. Donna is so passionate about her products and message – and so she should be. Her Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina was recently voted best Spirulina at the Nature & Health Natural Food Awards! And I am sure you have seen her other trademark floating round – the ubiquitous glass froggy straw!

It seems that as Donna’s company grows and grows and GROWS touring is all part and parcel of her busy life. You can catch her in Brisbane at the Utopia Women’s Wellness Event this weekend which features some former Wellness Women We Love Jessica Ainscough and Therese Kerr (among others). That will be followed by the Earth Events sponsored Raw Beauty Workshops with Vegie Head and Amanda Rootsey**. All this while managing three rather gorgeous “kids” (Mitchell 24, Thomas 22 and Jordana 20). Oh and did I mention she is studying at IIN as well?

**For all the WA peeps that are jealous of these amazing events, stay seated! Me and some gorgeous ladies are working on some fantastic events for Perth!

I am always totally inspired to see people who manage to stay centered, grounded and conscious (Donna is also a plastic hater!) with such jam-packed schedules. So today I am so proud to present to you the gorgeous and inspiring Donna McLaurin! Just a shame you cant cuddle her through the screen.


Thank you for walking onto this virtual stage! Now if you were walking onstage in real life what tune would you have playing as your theme song?

I think the theme song playing would be Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ I don’t know why, I guess I grew up with this song and for some reason I sing it nearly everyday … The other song that came to mind is Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ as it has so many highs and low, melodies and harmonies and ups and downs – Just like life itself!

What motivated you to take the first step on your wellness journey?

I was motivated as a very young girl to be healthy and eat health-giving foods, my Mum was a great cook and I don’t remember us ever having take-away even though Mum ran her own business back then, she was an amazing example to my sister and I.

At  21 I was seriously injured in a car accident – I was a front seat passenger in a head-on collision and my face was severely lacerated and I broke many teeth … this led to years of treatment and recovery and a focus on taking care of my health to avoid back pain and joint pain and to heal my damaged face. I do still have some glass fragments embedded in my eyes, so that might also explain the song above!

After the initial surgeries and many years of dental restoration, I tried lots of alternative therapies and became interested in natural health, nutrition and skin care – especially after marrying and having three babies within 4 years! I remember buying an old fashioned Mouli for mixing baby food back then, as we didn’t like the idea of buying the packaged stuff. Now our children are young adults and all are a great example of good health!


What do you do every morning to set up your day for success?

I have to admit, I’m not naturally a morning person and I’m still working on changing that!

My first wake-me-up is usually a lovely cup of tea that Mark brings me in bed (how spoilt is that) .. then I love to do some yoga stretches – we have a mat permanently set up in what is supposed to be our lounge room!… then it’s a healthy breakfast, usually a Green Smoothie  or a bowl of home-made muesli with berries or banana on top. Then straight into checking emails and attending to social media updates for the business. I’m lucky to be working from a home office these days, so during the breaks I can stretch my legs, put some washing on, make a yummy salad for lunch, get some sunshine and maybe even take the dog for a walk!

There are so many nutritional untruths floating around out there. What is your favourite myth to debunk?

My favourite nutritional myth to debunk is that all fats are unhealthy.

We now know that eating a low-fat diet is not the healthy way and there are so many good and essential fats that need to be included in our diets – Coconut oil, Olive oil, Avocados and the essential fatty acids found in Microalgae such as Spirulina and Chlorella should be included in our diets every day.

How do you handle your dietary non-negotiables when you are invited over or out for dinner?

I tend to be pretty easy-going when it comes to dietary rules, I live by the 80/20 rule and believe that if your diet is great at least 80% of the time, there is room

for movement when out and about. If it’s something I definitely don’t eat, (or drink) then I just leave it.

 If you had to cook one meal to impress a tough crowd of unhealthy eaters, what would it be?

It would probably be a big batch of Kale chips for starters then include a large, colourful salad with Quinoa or chick-peas plus a beautiful roasted vegetable and onion flan or pie followed by an Avocado and raw Cacao chocolate mousse or a chia-seed pudding.

Do you have any natural products/alternative therapies that you cannot live without?

The natural product I would find hard to live without would have to be MicrOrganics Green Nutritionals Green Superfoods, we have it every day, whether in a big Green Smoothie, sprinkled on kale chips or just a handful of vege-caps on the run! We also have a wonderful Reflexologist that my Husband, Mark and I see occasionally to get rid of any aches and pains, he is amazing!

How do you ‘zen-ify’ your home?

We live in a old 1920’s timber home in a semi-rural area and right from day 1 (20 years ago) it seemed to have a great aura about it – there is so much greenery and lovely gardens around it including two very old Mulberry trees with beautifully aged trunks that drip with fruit every year … I love birds and have pairs of white doves all over the place and even some real-live ones that live in an old stable outside and fly freely around the house – we also have a very old pony who comes running to be fed whenever I’m outside and sing the chorus to ‘Heart of Glass’.  We also love lighting candles at night for their glow and aroma and I think all of this helps to ‘zenify’ the home.

What is your favourite imperfection about yourself and why?

My favourite imperfection about myself is the scars on my face from the accident – no-one else can really see them anymore, but they are part of my journey and made me what I am today. I am grateful for the empathy and understanding I now have for others, that the early lesson of going through such a trauma has taught me.


 What is one question that everyone should ask themselves?

I think everyone should ask themselves ‘what can I do today that will make this a better place tomorrow’ – whether that be to use less plastic, create a garden, forgive a wrongdoing or just have some time out and play with a child … every little positive thing can make a difference.

What is the most important decision you make to ensure you are a conscious consumer?

The most conscious decisions I try to make as a consumer involve using less plastic – taking re-usable bags to the shops, only buying products packaged in pure glass, re-cycling where possible, putting leftovers in Pyrex bowls with lids instead of Tupperware or cling-wrap etc.

Pretend this is your mountain… what message do you shout to the world?

Stop and Think about what we are doing and what can we change to make this World a better place.

Ah. Breath of fresh air. Want more? Find Donna and her amazing products here…

Website here.

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Isn’t she just gorgeous! What was your favorite part of the interview? What INSPIRED you? I would love to hear in the comments…