What A Wonderful World

What a wonderful world

Whenever I hear the rough throaty voice of Louis Armstrong, marveling at the trees of green (and red roses too!) I feel as if I am in black and white movie. ‘What A Wonderful World’ typifies that gorgeous retro era so much that I am usually too busy swing dancing in my head to really take notice of the lyrics. They are simple and beautiful and encourage you to pay attention to all those things that are also simple and beautiful. And when they are paired with images from David Attenboroughs life series – not to mention read by him as well – they are simply perfection!

Take a minute to marvel at our wonderful world…

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Easy Pad Thai


Easy Vegan Pad Thai


Takes approx 20 minutes
Serves 4 as a main, 6 as a side

This Pad Thai is a simple dish that is health, cheap and quick to whip up if you are having people for dinner. And – unlike a lot of takeaway versions – it is not laden with fat. I do not use as much oil as I have seen other recipes suggest and I think it tastes all the better for it. Also looks really amazing if served on a platter. Continue reading