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For those of you who aren’t on my facebook page or my twitter, you may not know about my latest gig. I am really excited to announce that every Wednesday I will be blogging for the Conservation Council of Western Australia on all things sustainable. If you have any particular topics that are of interest, please let me know so that I can maybe look into it!

This weeks post is all about the importance of organic food and how vital it is for a health body and a healthy planet.

Here is a snippet that I didn’t include – as it didn’t really relate to conservation – but  is pretty damn interesting. We are sending ourselves sick and crazy with conventionally grown food. This guy got it…

“Let thy food be thy medicine 

and thy medicine be thy food.”

~ Hippocrates, 460-377 B.C.

Your Health

Like everything, there are arguments and studies for and against organic food and how it relates  – if at all – to our health. But I feel that for all the science in the world there is also plain old common sense. This seems to also be the opinion of globally renowned food writer Michael Pollan who says;

 “The science might still be sketchy, but common sense tells me organic is better food. Better, anyway, than the kind grown with organophosphates, with antibiotics and growth hormones, with cadmium and lead and arsenic (the EPA permits the use of toxic waste in fertilisers), with sewage sludge and animal feed made from ground-up bits of other animals as well as their own manure”

Now more than ever, scientists are able to link the effect that chemicals in our food are creating in our bodies. Food allergies have gone through the roof as well as eczema and asthma. Behavioral problems such as ADD and hyperactivity have also been linked to chemicals in food

It has been suggested that the reasons children are particularly susceptible to the additives in food is because the recommended intakes are set at adult levels rather than child. I also find it interesting that cancer patients are recommended by doctors to eat only organic produce.

Organic food is grown naturally – as nature intended – and because of this has much more vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and enzymes than produce farmed conventionally. I must admit – I thought the whole ‘organic’ movement was a bag of baloney… until I tried it. I couldn’t believe how quickly I felt and saw a difference. I don’t care how many studies you show me against it, I am literally going with my gut on this one.

Illustrations by Emily Ehlers

If you want to look into making the switch to organic living you can also see this blog post which gives tips even if you are on a budget.