Sustainable Christmas Gift Wish List

Well, I have given you a guide on how to buy sustainable Christmas presents – now here is my list of what I am hoping to buy (or in some cases – have already bought!). Hopefully it will give you some good ideas as well…

Oxfam Unwrapped Donation
By Oxfam, As much as you want to give

Fairtrade – Supports Organic and Sustainable Living

Tee hee

Oxfam Unwrapped Cards are a quirky and funny gift for the person that has everything! With slogans like “You know how you said you always wanted a bucket hygiene kit?” you can chose a cause to donate to and you get to give your loved one the card as a memento. You can buy supplies for a town in a developing country, help fund the construction of a well or donate towards innoculations for deadly but preventable diseases.

Here are some examples of what you can get buy – Continue reading

Going green with your skin care routine

I was thrilled to be contacted recently by the gorgeous Sam Crosby, founder of Western Australian skin care company Ayana Organics. With a passion for amazing organic products and a healthy vegan lifestyle, Sam is a guru on all things green – and a perfect new contributor for – Welcome! In her inaugural post, Sam shares her Top 5 tips on greening up your skincare. 

Have you made the decision to “green up” your life, including your skin care products? You may be finding the Continue reading

Dangerous Chemicals in Your Home

Illustration by Emily Ehlers

Think about the roles that the chemicals in things like cigarettes, drugs and pesticides play in the media. The general message is that they are extremely dangerous for our health and that we should avoid contact wherever possible. This is why it shocks a lot of people to discover that the greatest risk of exposure to synthetic organic chemicals comes from within our own homes.

In Australia, the chemicals used in our homes Continue reading