Hello Gorgeous – so nice to meet you!!!

I am a Holistic Lifestyle Coach (in training!), blogger, wellness junkie and barefoot bandit. I have a love for this crazy amazing planet and an unhealthy preoccupation with sloths. I live in sunny Perth (Western Australia) with my husband, gorgeous daughter Lucy Goosey and two fur babies (Pug and Allen).

My passion lies in helping magnificent women around the world to unleash their amazing – to get rid of anxiety and replace it with a healthy serve of self-love and a chaser of green juice. I truly believe that most people do not understand how amazing their bodies are designed to feel!

This is my online space where I provide practical wellness tips, interviews with fiercely inspiring women, a bit of soul-baring and a silly sense of humour.

And if that isn’t enough then come say hi on Instagram or Facebook.

Let go of fear. Love your body. Live your dreams. Repeat.

Em interview

And while we are here…

Here are 20 trivial but nonetheless vital snippets about me;

  1. I am obsessed with Dr Seuss; his view of the world was colourful and kind. I am well on my way to owning every book he has written.
  2. All of my toes are exactly the same length.
  3. My favorite movies are; The Intouchables, Good Will Hunting, Ruby Sparks, Into the Sticks, How to Train your Dragon and The Kings Speech.
  4. I love writing lists. 
  5. I get asked once a week if I am a swimmer because I have very broad shoulders. I used to absolutely hate them and my friends had/have a field day teasing me about them. They took particular glee during the Surf Life Saving Championships in the Gold Coast where a million people said to me “so you are obviously here for the Surf Life Saving”. But hey… I’ve learnt to love ’em!
  6. I cannot resist Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs.
  7. I was teased in Year 8 (at the ripe old age of 12) when I revealed my celebrity crush was Anthony Hopkins.
  8. My favorite place in the world is Ubud (the mountain region of Bali).
  9. I lived on the Gold Coast for 2 years. Moving over there was the second best decision i’ve ever made. Moving back was the first.
  10. I name all my houseplants. Currently I have Atoul, Modoc, Jessica, Wangari, Timothy, Philippe, Mohandis and Rapunzel.
  11. I love folk music and have a secret obsession with Australian Hip Hop.
  12. I wrote my first eco ‘novel’ when I was 6. It was called “The Snail that Lost his Shell” and it followed a snail who could only find a littered glue lid to replace his shell.
  13. I am terrified of flying. I am talking hyperventilation and completely non-discreet public meltdowns. My husband refuses to fly with me because it is too embarrassing.
  14. I collect old things and animal figurines.
  15. Back in 1990 I was a 4 year old, living in England and our house was broken into and ransacked. The police officers came and while they were surveying the scene I came up and whispered “I know who did this”. Thinking I had seen something sordid they (along with my parents) asked me to tell them what I meant. “Here, I’ll show you” I said as I ran towards the kitchen. I went to the bottom cupboard and flung the doors open and gestured dramatically towards the newly organised cupboard. “Saddam Hussein has come to my beautiful country and he has stolen my Bakewell Tarts!” My very embarrassed mum had to explain that she had recently rearranged the cupboards and moved my favorite Bakewell Tarts to a higher, less Emily-prone location.
  16. I am terrible at putting together clothes. Terrible.
  17. I am OCD about my cupboards.
  18. I have a weird and whacky job history including mushroom picker, dolphin photographer and Aquaduck tour-guide to name a few.
  19. I believe everyone should volunteer at least once a year.
  20. I find it very hard to stay still.

meet olive

12 thoughts on “About

  1. You are an angel Em – and a great example for others to follow. Small changes turn into big changes – ripples in a pond. You should be very proud of yourself

    • Hi Giulia,

      Thanks so much for that! Sorry about the delay in reply – I have been in Bali. Your blog is great too… the hazelnut spread looks devine. :)

      Thanks for reading,


  2. Hi Olive, I LOVE your site (having come across it via Vegan Sparkles’ Facebook page) and am spending some time this morning (when I should be doing the hoovering) exploring it! I am embarking on a very similar journey so may be in touch again :-)
    I too love lists and have to ask… do you often make a list and add something to it that you have already done just so you can immediately cross it off?! I do! xx

  3. Hi Em! Love your site! I wanted to ask you where you’re doing your Holistic Health Coach training as Im currently shopping around for programs as well! Thanks so much!

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