Turn off… I dare ya!

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?… You’ve had a busy day full of ups and down and you are feeling physically and emotionally drained. It’s nighttime and you desperately need to muster that final shred of energy to cook a healthy dinner, study, spend time with your family and/or clean a little. You just need a quick break before you start so you sit on the couch for just 5 minutes… whats the harm in that?


The Vicious Cycle

TV goes on and you are hit with a crappy rerun of some American fluff that fills your brain with nothingness and shit stereotypes (I seriously love Friends but just take a step back and look at the values it pushes about women, overweight people, the value of attractiveness and homosexuals…little bit mean!). Anyway after that you decide to be a bit more highbrow and flick to the news. Now you are getting hit with utterly devastating headlines that are only being broadcast because tragedy is somewhat magnetic and it draws massive ratings. So now you are depressed and find it hard to get up off the couch to do what you are meant to because, really, whats the point? If you take the those bulletins as gospel it’s likely you’re just going to die of some strange vector borne virus or be killed for being a good Samaritan and that’s only if the world doesn’t implode first due to global warming. By now, dinner is looking far less creative, much more microwaved and mysteriously there is a glass of wine in your hand. Then another mindless comedy comes on, and it pulls you back in because you are craving mental vacuity even more now. All the while you’re conversation with the actual people in the room has been zombie-like and disinterested at best. The vicious cycle continues…

So I pulled the plug…

As I mentioned in my 2013 Resolutions post (see it here) that is why I decided to get rid of my TV. Life is bloody short and there I was sitting on my arse watching other peoples scripted shallow lives all the while complaining I didn’t have enough hours in the day. I had found that I was getting into an especially bad routine because I am breastfeeding at the moment and it is all too tempting to sit on the couch: baby on boob, eyes on TV. So it was with some trepidation that I ripped that security blanket off but I am so glad I did. As soon as I moved the TV out of the room it felt lighter… calmer. I filled the big rectangular void with a painting that makes my soul sing every time I look at it. I took the DVD’s out of the cabinet and filled it with books. I replaced the untidy TV related clutter with my iPod and speakers. All of a sudden those things I had been missing – serenity, books, music – were back in my life. I dunno about you but doesn’t the ‘after’ look so much better than the ‘before’?…

before adn after tv

Life since

You may not believe me but our lives have changed significantly since removing the tele! I thought that I wasn’t watching it too much… I’d just have a DVD on in the background while I pottered and tended to my lovely daughter after all. Clearly I was kidding myself. My to do list has whittled down from ‘Outrageous’ to ‘Achievable’ in just a few weeks. I have started doing craft activities again (a rug for that very lounge room is nearing completion). I am not feeling as anxious without all the sad news stories peppering my fragile little brain. My lounge looks nicer.  Music is filling the air again rather than advertising (RUGS RUGS RUGS!). Our power bill is lower. My daughter and I spend time outside and i’m not filling her very impressionable mind with bullshit.

But my favorite offshoot would have to be; I now feel present. I am properly listening to my husband when he tells me about his day… which he tells me at the dinner table now rather than on the couch (don’t judge me!). I am concentrating on my daughter while I’m breastfeeding – it’s actually a beautiful bonding experience. I am thinking more about my life rather than other peoples. I am making my own values and choices rather being sold others. It’s bloody lovely.

Take the challenge

Now i’m not saying that everyone needs to get rid of their TV – some of you out there have will power that far exceeds my own. But if you are feeling a bit frazzled and like there aren’t enough hours in the day… why not give it a go? I truly didn’t think I watched that much and have been shocked by all the spare time I now have and how organised my little abode is. Just a thought if you are wanting a little more from life… why not try it for a month or two and see what happens?

If you do try it or have been living without a TV already I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Turn off… I dare ya!

  1. Good move! I was never allowed to watch ‘the garbage box’ as my mother called it, when i was little EXCEPT for the Disney movie on Sunday nights AFTER my bath : ) I have really good memories from those times all warm and cozy and clean in my jammies curled up with a big blanket and sing alongs. Because of this i’ve never had TV in my life because it never became a habit. If i sit in front of a TV now i get bored (opposite of how it works for most maybe?) and I think i love going to the movies more because it brings me back to my Sunday night specials ; ) Love your posts as usual, keep em comin xx

    • That’s awesome and that is exactly how I want Lucy to grow up. I know that when I was younger we didn’t have TV and it made me and my brother so creative!

      I just can’t get over how much stuff I am getting done, that I completely didn’t have time for before! Loving it. xxx

  2. I put the television in storage 3 years ago and have now thrown it out.
    My life with TV?
    Every work day I would come home, eat junk in front of the screen and then go to bed. I was active enough on the weekends but it was an uninspired life.
    Since ditching the TV I made healthier food choices because I didn’t have the constant temptations. I have become more organized (though I still get frazzled) and have picked up so many hobbies including dancing, rock climbing, knitting and attempting to learn to play the guitar.
    I’m not saying that I would never have done these things if I kept the TV, but removing it definitely sparked the chain of happier and healthier lifestyle choices.

    • I completely agree! It just removes the temptation because sometimes after a hard day it is just easier to come home and plop onto the couch rather than say… reading a book or meditating.

      Go us, I say! :)

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  4. I soooo love this and how you took the plunge and transformed your living room! Your post is incredibly true!! Many of us miss so much in life because we are too busy (or not so busy) watching the idiot box. My partner and I are about to ditch all things technology (except our laptop) and travel the country in our 4×4 and embrace a much simpler life! I am looking forward to finding my more creative self and finding more meaningful things to do than just tune out in front of the TV. Bec x

    • I am so glad! How exciting about your technology free house. I would SO love to hear more about your simpler life!

      My husband and I LOVE that we actually chat at night. It is so much more romantic than someone screaming about RUGS RUGS RUGS!!!


      • Well our home is soon to be our Toyota Hilux with a roof top tent! Our plan is to travel Oz and get work along the way to fund our trip. The crazy thing is we don’t know where we are going or for how long for. Without the distractions of life and technology I am going to have to learn to just sit and “be”. At home it’s all too easy to plonk ourselves in front of the TV for entertainment so I am looking forward to being forced to come up with new and creative ways to spend my hours and like you said, actually chatting with the hubby! :) x

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