DIY Avocado Hair Mask

While it may seem (and feel) a little odd to be mushing avocado into your lovely locks, it is actually a tried and tested beauty trick! Avocado’s are a very oily fruit and this oil actually forms a protective barrier on your hair which promotes elasticity… basically it makes your hair soft, flexible and hydrated. This nourishment also means that your hair is less susceptible to breakages and becoming dry – great for the other blondies out there!

I think the best part about it though is that you avoid using nasty chemicals that are found in your standard products, it’s cruelty free and reduces wasteful packaging. Also, a very common ingredient in your average hair products is Palm Oil which is incredibly damaging environmentally (read about that here).  So get ready to have a laugh and give this super simple beauty DIY a go!


  • 1 ripe avocado, mashed
  • 3 teaspoon olive oil
  • 3 drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil
  • A good sense of humour


1. Mash avocado. Then add lavender and olive oil and mash again.

2. Apply to hair, focusing on the ends. If hair is still a little dry then put a put of olive oil on hands and run through.

Ewww… there is salad in my hair!

3. Leave on for 10 minutes. (Good time to do a face mask as well. Go on, do the full pamper thing… you deserve it!)

4. Then I just washed and combed (while in the shower) and left it to dry. My hair really felt conditioned and healthy. I think you’ll agree that the results were amazing…

Of course I am only kidding about the last picture but I definitely did feel the benefits of the treatment. It was so nice applying a mask to my hair and knowing that it was made of organic, natural ingredients rather than synthetics, parabens and artificial fragrances.

Are there any natural beauty secrets that you use? Would love to hear in the comments. 

9 thoughts on “DIY Avocado Hair Mask

  1. You’re hilarious – the only thing I can think is why waste a perfickly good avo on my hair when it should be in my TUMMY! One of my fave foods esp with baby cravings! Love this blog. xx

    • Hehe thanks Sar! I used a pretty green one for the photos but I actually normally use the brownish avocados that I just didn’t find the time to nom. But the photos may have looked seedy with brown mush in my hair. xxx

    • I just rinsed my hair with water and then combed it while I showered. It left my hair a little oily for that day so if you were going to go out afterwards I would shampoo your hair after the treatment with a nice natural ‘poo.

      Good luck with it… do let me know how you go :)

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  3. *laugh*

    I make a deep conditioning treatment for my hair with apricot seed oil & raw honey. Simply warm oil, stir in honey and smoosh onto hair. Rinse out 10-15 mins later, shampoo if necessary. It completely restored my horrible hair when I stopped dyeing it.

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