Free Outdoor Movie: End of the Line (7th March 2012)

Imagine a world without fish.

That is the tagline of The End Of The Line – a movie that changed the way the world looked at seafood. The Economist describes it (accurately) as “The Inconvenient Truth about the oceans”. I have described the effects of over-fishing in my blog post today but for a short-track option watch the trailer below to see for yourself…

Tomorrow this incredibly powerful movie will be screened by the Western Earth Carers – that fabulous organisation that brought us the Less Is More Festival. Bring your own picnic (set yourself a challenge to go plastic free) and have a look into what you can do to minimise your contribution to our badly damaged oceans.

This is not a doomsday movie. It is an important resource that we all should see to understand how we can move forward and away from the looming disaster. This is not a film telling you to never eat fish again. Charles Clover who wrote the film still eats fish himself but is selective. Knowledge is power.

Sustainable Fishing expert Associate Professor Dr Jeremy Prince will present and  provide some credible insight to Australian fisheries which will be extremely interesting. Bring your family and friends and get informed.

Date:   Wednesday 7 March, 2012
Time:   6.00pm Picnic
7.00pm Screening and presentation

Place:  WMRC Administration Building outside on the lawn (For building map click here)

Cnr Marine Pde and Warton St, Cottesloe (For street map click here)
BYO:    Picnic and rug/beach chair etc


4 thoughts on “Free Outdoor Movie: End of the Line (7th March 2012)

  1. Looks great, I’m just wondering if you think it’s suitable for young children (4-6year olds)? Some of the images looked like they suggested it might not be, but sometimes that is the point of a movie trailer… The message is important and one I think every child would benefit from, but not sure whether any visual content might disturb my younger ones… any advice?

    • Hi Vic,

      Hmm that is a tough one.

      I think it would probably be quite distressing in some parts – tuna are big fish so watching them bleeding is quite a graphic as well as seeing them on the decks of ships.

      BUUUT… it is very much an important message for children and it is beautifully shot (even when what you are watching isn’t beautiful).

      I do not have kids myself so I don’t want to give a judgement and then have your kids traumatized as result. I will email some friends (with kids and get back to you). :)



    • Hi Vic,

      I spoke to the organisers and they said the following –
      “The movie isnt rated and I cant find any info on suitability. I watched it a couple of years ago but dont have a strong memory of the visual images. I would think there would be images of a lot of fish being caught and perhaps killed. Maybe they could watch the trailer to get an idea. I am bringing my kids (8 and 12) – they do fish themselves and their Dad is a marine biologist so am hoping it is ok for them.”

      Hope that helps :)

      • Thanks, that’s great. I think probably too much for my 4 year old, but the older ones would be able to put it all into context I think.

        cheers :)

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