A Simple Eco Christmas Ornament

It has been so exciting this year to peruse the interwebs and see so many fabulous creative minds making earth-friendly ornaments. I have seen some great ones made out of natural organic materials (hemp, felt) and the even better option – people using supplies that had otherwise been condemned to the bin (old magazines, newspapers, worn down office supplies). Considering I had a fairly lazy Sunday planned, I decided to try make my own.

My first little Paisley Snowflake!

I made these Paisley Snowflakes from old magazines that I had lying round and chose beautiful strips of paper with textures and floral patterns. They are quirky and really quick to make. The best thing about them is that of the perfectly circular examples (generally the smaller) and the wonkier shapes (mildly reminiscint of paisley) they all look organic and pretty.

So, here. Enjoy my crafty imperfections and this little tutorial on making your own recycled tree jewels!

You Need…

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Recycled Paper – magazines, newspaper, sheet music etc.
  • String/Twine (aim for environmentally friendly twine made of hemp or jute – available from Bunnings)


  1. Cut your paper of choice into 8 strips. They should be between 2cm – 3cm wide and 10 – 20cm long

    8 Strips of paper in the colour scheme you want (colour you want on the outside on top)

  2. Pile the 8 strips on top of each other. If you have used old magazines make sure you order the colours so they all complement each other when folded
  3. Gently fold the top strip in half and then staple across the crease line
  4. Put a dob of glue at the end on the underside of the strip
  5. Then fold under and stick the strip back onto itself as close to the centre (where the staple joins) as possible
  6. Keep going until you have finished that whole side
  7. Do the same thing on the other side until you have a slightly squoval shaped ornament

8. When completed it will be quite flat in the middle and not look very circular. Close the gap by glueing sides of the paper loops together to make it more of a cirlce or oval

9. Then mould the ornament into shap by rolling it with your palm or by pushing the teardrop shapes gently towards the centre with you finger

10. Tie some string through a looped bit of paper and tie into a snug knot (but not so snug that it pulls). Join the ends of the twine to make a loop at a good size to hang off your tree.

Use sustainable twine if possible!

11. Voila – you are ready to hang them of your tree!

With my pretty pink ribbon star!

If my little invention doesn’t exactly float your boat – see this post which provides links to the Top 5 Homemade Ornaments I found.

2 thoughts on “A Simple Eco Christmas Ornament

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