Foxes of Fancy – VIP Event

For me, my Thursdays are generally known as ‘Champagne Thursday’. I tend to get into my boxers and sit on the couch with a good book and bottle of bubbly (to myself – disugusting, I know). But not tonight! I was lucky enough to get invited to the Foxes of Fancy VIP night!

For those of you that haven’t already had the pleasure, ‘Foxes of Fancy’ is a boutique company that showcase THE most amazing eco-friendly homewares products that you could imagine! Have you ever heard of nut shells that can be substituted for washing powder? Didn’t think so.

The girls (being the ridiculously fab Maz and Stacey) are Owners / Designers and have created a cosy, creative space with an amazing flow. The layout – formed by resourceful upcycled timbers and tables – guides you through a quirky and inspiring store. One second you are looking at handmade Christmas decorations the next you are planning children specifically so that they can wear the awesome eco singlets (with little blue Kombi van’s on them – pictures below).

There is no point me trying to describe all the lovely’s that are in this unique, upcycled, earth friendly space so I will leave you with; their details, my photos and a serious recommendation to get your Christmas shopping done in a place that thinks beyond the profit. Enjoy…

Foxes of Fancy
616 Stirling Highway
Open: Tuesday to Saturday (varying hours – see the website) 


Goody Bags!

Fair trade shopping!

I cannot tell you how amazing these soy brown sugar candles smelt! I almost ate them!!!!

Gorgeous upcycled Chinese necklaces

Matching mummy and daughter dresses!

The cutest Christmas presents I ever did see!!!

Yes, my child is wearing this! I don't care that they don't exist. I can already see it.

Brains... Stacey working her eco magic!


These are those nuts I spoke about - they work as washing powder. I KNOW.

It is so reassuring to know that someone else names their things! Maz hit the nail on the head - "Naming things instantly gives them personality!" Hear hear!


Cute badges, keep cups and stationery... what more could you want!

Brains... Where would Foxes of Fancy be without the amazing Maz and her niece Briony!

And while all these people, products and producers have been amazing there has to be specific mention of one of the heroes. Special thanks to the delightfully original and homemade (by Maz’s mum)…


If you would like more ideas on low-impact Christmas shopping she my post – the Top 10 tips to avoid a heavy carbon footprint!

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